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Dr.K.G.M.PANDIAN RIMP founded International Naveen Siddha Research Institute INSRI as the institute is shortly known in 1980 at Madipakkam Chennai.
He started his mission with a philosophy to spread the legacy of siddha medicine to the whole mankind with the principles of Sage AGATHIYAR. He developed many unique traditional formulation for the chronic diseases with the guidance of Kandhar Naadi Vaakiyam (Palm Leaf Manuscripts) propounded by Sage AGATHIYAR. He had a vast knowledge in the field of siddha medicine and excelled in the rare siddha medicinal preparations like Amuri, Muppu and Rasa preparation etc.

DR. NAVEEN KUMAR PANDIAN BSMS is a graduate from Sri Sairam siddha medical College and research centre affiliated to Tamilnadu Dr MGR medical University Chennai. 

 He is practicing siddha medicine in his reputable International Naveen Siddha Research Institute INSRI for the past 15 years which was founded by his Guru and Father Dr.K.G.M.Pandian in 1980. HIs treatment methods are extensively used to prevent and manage Cancer, Blood Cancer, Blood Disorders, Kidney Disorders, Heart Disease, Migraine and Lifestyle Disorders. He has 15 years of clinical practice specialized in Cancer and blood disorders. He believes that cancer is not a deadly disease and it can be treated at any stage with proper medication and guidance. Traditional medicines have a scope in this kind of chronic diseases without side effects. He is interested in the field of Siddha Medicine Preparation, Siddha Oncology, Nutraceuticals, Herbal Cultivation and Siddha Literature.

Dr.Naveen Kumar Pandian is a visiting consultant in ISTANA AYUR Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.


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About Siddha Medicine

Siddha system of medicine is believed to be one of the earliest medicines in the world. The word siddha is derived from the word Siddhi which means perfection. It denotes the perfection of mind over body.
According to the scriptures siddha system is believed to be developed by 18 principal siddhas of these 18 Saint Agathiyar is believed to be the father of siddha medicine. Siddha system does not believe in nearly treating the symptoms it eradicates the root cause of illness provides relief and prevents recurrence. Siddha system of medicine is based on natural product available in the earth ie herbs, metals and minerals prepared in thier non toxic form of medicine.

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